Chocolate Box

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END TO DINNER – Do you not want to end the evening of family and friends gathered around your dining table with a heart-felt and meaningful end to a most scrumptious dinner?

FILL IT WITH CHOCOLATES – This “rectangular” shaped box is really a smash hit! Especially if you have taken the time to load it up with chocolates that make our mouths water!

10 BOXES – You get ten boxes to fill up and I do hope that is enough. If not, Lord help her soul, you can always order another ten from us.

NEVER RUN OUT OF GIFT WRAP – This gift box pack means you’ll never run out of gift wrapping supplies again! Packed flat for convenient storage, they are easy to assemble by folding in the flaps.

SURPRISE – Wouldn’t it be a terrific surprise for your boyfriend or husband if you wowed them with this unexpected treat at the end. Maybe you could even say you didn’t make them. It was just delivered by some guy in a red suit!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 3.94 × 1.97 in


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